Reverse LinesSS17

11:00pm, No more blue nights and red skies.2FW17-18

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn3FW16-17

Reverse Lines

Deciding to work with less fluid textiles this time, Gioia Seghers gives greater life to her pieces giving attention to the contradictory desires of contemporary women. Different textures make their way into this collection, from raw linen to thick cotton. The spontaneity of materials is also reflected in the forms, convertible and dynamic as the style of Gioia Seghers always suggests.

The playful approach to a modern wardrobe is found in collarless shirts that have an immodest open back, unveiling the skin. The attraction of sportswear is expressed through an oversized t-shirt reinterpreted in black wool voile or a structured bomber jacket in pastel blue seersucker cotton. Tailored trousers with clean lines suggest summery freshness while a straight skirt in soft crêpe adorned with assorted ribbons gives a poetic touch to a true classic. Dresses are comfortable and resolutely graphic.

The colours are strong and subtle, ranging from bright red to white, through black, old rose and pale blue.


Gioia Seghers (designer), Constantin Didisheim (video artistic director) Ismaël Moumin (photograph), Marine Gabaut (stylist), Caroline Davis - IMM (model), Adrien Domken (editorial design), Philippe Pourhashemi (text), Noel Inocencio (Make-up)